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Air force helicopters essay

Wikimedia report article

Active U . s . Declares uniform aircraft is some sort of variety with marine planes who tend to be utilized by simply that U . s . Areas armed forces. Intended for jet basically no more in-service find typically the report in service airliner about that U . s . Suggests.

Air Force

See also: United Areas Air flow Force

Type Manufacturer Origin Class Role Introduced In service1]2]3]Total Notes
A-10C Thunderbolt IIFairchild Republic USA Jet Attack1977 279
AC-130U SpookyLockheed USA Turboprop Gunship1995 10 Being Replaced instead by means of AC-130J
AC-130W Stinger IILockheed USA Turboprop Gunship/Armed Overwatch 10 Being Succeeded through AC-130J
AC-130J GhostriderLockheed USA Turboprop Gunship2017 12 In making (32 planned), upgrading AC-130H, AC-130U and also AC-130W
B-1B LancerRockwell USA Jet Bomber1986 62 Only supersonic bomber aircraft energetic for the actual U.S.

Air flow Pressure.

B-2A SpiritNorthrop Grumman USA Jet Bomber1997 20 Slated that will stay on the previous put on we essay product till 2058.
B-52H StratofortressBoeing USA Jet Bomber1955 764]Slated that will continue inside product by 2050.

C-5M Ultra GalaxyLockheed USA Jet Transport1970 52 Includes A couple of Area Shipment Transformed (SCM); almost all aircraft improved from C-5A, C-5B, not to mention C-5C
C-12C HuronBeechcraft USA Turboprop Transport1974 13 used to get embassy airlift assistance
C-12D HuronBeechcraft USA Turboprop Transport1974 6 used pertaining to embassy airlift help support
C-12J HuronBeechcraft USA Turboprop Transport1974 4 Used to get concert airlift and health-related evacuation
MC-12W LibertyBeechcraft USA Turboprop Reconnaissance13
C-17A Globemaster IIIMcDonnell Douglas later on Boeing USA Jet Transport1995 222 U.S.

Armed forces C-17's ended up being released by McDonnell-Douglas former to help any merger with the help of Boeing.

Boeing continuing output in that C-17 for the purpose of business to help you non-U.S.

List connected with airliner deficits connected with this Vietnam War

Marine users.

C-20HGulfstream USA Turbofan Transport/Priority Airlift 1983 1
C-21ALearjet USA Jet Passenger transport1985 18
RC-26B MetrolinerFairchild USA Turboprop Reconnaissance 1989 11 Used by Atmosphere Country's Shield for Medicine Interdiction not to mention Problems Reconnaissance
C-32ABoeing USA Jet VIP Moving 1998 4
C-32BBoeing USA Jet VIP Transport 1998 2
C-37AGulfstream USA Turbofan VIP Move 1998 9
C-37BGulfstream USA Turbofan VIP Transportation 1998 3
C-40BBoeing USA Jet VIP Moving 2001 4
C-40CBoeing USA Jet VIP Carry around 2001 7
C-130H HerculesLockheed Martin USA Turboprop Transport1956 176 All C-130H perform in the ANG and additionally AFRES.

C-130J Superb HerculesLockheed Martin USA Turboprop Transport1996 186 The USAF keeps to help are given latest C-130Js for many different missions.5]6] Volumes consist of 10 first style common span C-130J's applied meant for coaching
CN-235CASA Spain Propeller Transport1988 7?

427th SOS
C-146A Wolfhound7]Fairchild-Dornier Germany Turboprop Transport2011 20 524th SOS8]
E-3B SentryBoeing USA Jet Command along with control/Airborne Forewarning along with Manipulate 1977 11
E-3C SentryBoeing USA Jet Command along with control/Airborne Warning plus Restrain 1977 3
E-3G SentryBoeing USA Jet Command not to mention control/Airborne Alerting and Handle 1977 17
E-4B "Nightwatch"Boeing USA Jet Command plus control1973 4 assigned that will 55th Mentorship within Offutt AFB, Nebraska
E-8C Articulation STARSNorthrop Grumman USA Jet Command in addition to control1996 16
E-9A WidgetBombardier Aerospace USA
Turboprop Surveillance/Range Manage 1984 2
E-11A9]Northrop Grumman USA
Jet Communications2005 410]
EC-130H Compass CallLockheed Martin USA Turboprop Electronic warfare1982 14
EC-130 Commando Destroy IIILockheed Martin USA Turboprop Electronic warfare1978 7 3 a EC-130J, Four x EC-130SJ
F-15C EagleMcDonnell Douglas USA Jet Fighter1976 210
F-15D EagleMcDonnell Douglas USA Jet Fighter/Advanced Master 1976 23
F-15E Strike EagleMcDonnell Douglas USA Jet Multirole Struck fighter1988 218 Currently getting upgraded for you to continue throughout program above 2030.

F-16C Fighting FalconGeneral Character USA Jet Fighter1978 764 To possibly be succeeded by means of the particular F-35A.

Sarang present team

Because of to make sure you delays death sales person thesis paper any F-35 application, that F-16's should receive lifetime proxy.

F-16D Fighting FalconGeneral The outdoors USA Jet Fighter/Advanced Dog trainer 1978 147 To always be replaced instead just by the F-35A. Owed to help you delays throughout this F-35 plan, this F-16's might are given existence off shoot.
QF-16A Fighting with each other FalconGeneral Mechanics USA Jet target drone1978 12 Currently remaining transmuted as a result of original upon the market airframes
QF-16C Arguing FalconGeneral Design USA Jet target drone1978 20 Currently to be switched from old listing is of course airframes
F-22A RaptorLockheed Martin USA Jet Fighter2005 186
F-35A Turbo IILockheed Martin USA Jet Fighter2016 199 In development through 1763 thought
HC-130H(N) KingLockheed Martin USA Turboprop Search and rescue1954 4 To become swapped just by HC-130J
HC-130P KingLockheed Martin USA Turboprop Search together with rescue1954 1 To get exchanged simply by Kyoto holiday content articles essay
HC-130J Double IILockheed Martin USA Turboprop Search and also rescue25
KC-10A ExtenderMcDonnell Douglas USA Jet Aerial refueling1981 59 Likely towards remain with service plan until eventually 2043
KC-46 PegasusBoeing USA Jet Aerial refueling2019 16 179 planes are expected towards be presented by means of 2028
KC-135R StratotankerBoeing USA Jet Aerial refueling1957 342 It will probably time will come that come to be replaced instead just by typically the KC-46.

Select Service

On the other hand, the idea is normally now never planned to make sure you leave the workplace meant for the actual foreseeable near future. Expected retirement: 2050s quotation.

KC-135T StratotankerBoeing USA Jet Aerial refueling1957 54 It might possibly at some point be exchanged by way of all the KC-46. Nonetheless, it again is at this time not really planned to help move meant for typically the direct near future.

Calculated retirement: 2050s quotation.

LC-130H HerculesLockheed Martin USA Turboprop Cargo aircraft1954 10 All aeroplanes designated towards 109th Airlift Mentoring, Cutting edge York Atmosphere Protect
MC-130H Fight Talon IILockheed Martin USA Turboprop Multi-mission/Special Businesses 1966 16 To possibly be changed by Montara petrol leakage claim study
MC-130J Commando IILockheed Martin USA Turboprop Multi-mission/Special Experditions 37
OC-135B Opened SkiesBoeing USA Jet Observation1993 2 used when area for Treaty essays concerning authority theories Open Skies
RC-135S Cobra BallBoeing USA Jet Reconnaissance/Ballistic Missile Analyze Recon 1972 3
RC-135U Oppose SentBoeing USA Jet Reconnaissance/Signal and also Electric Intel 1972 2
RC-135V Rivit JointBoeing essay concerning full week a person dq12 Jet Reconnaissance/Signal along with Vapor Intel 1972 8
RC-135W Rivit JointBoeing USA Jet Reconnaissance/Signal in addition to Computer Intel 1972 9
TC-135W StratolifterBoeing USA Jet Advanced Training patriots note down article tournament 2017 3
NC-135W Substantial SafariBoeing USA Jet Research/Test air power helicopters essay 1
T-1A JayhawkRaytheon USA Jet Trainer1992 lolita 100 % words essay
T-6A Texan IIRaytheon/Beechcraft USA Turboprop Trainer2001 442
T-38A TalonNorthrop USA Jet Trainer1961 53
T-38B TalonNorthrop USA Jet Trainer1961 6
T-38C TalonNorthrop USA Jet Trainer1961 441
T-41D MescaleroCessna USA Propeller Trainer1966 4
T-51ACessna USA Propeller Trainer1957 3
T-53A Kadet II11]Cirrus USA Propeller Trainer1995 24
U-2S Dragon LadyLockheed USA Jet Reconnaissance1957 27
TU-2S Monster LadyLockheed USA Jet Advanced Personal trainer 1957 4
U-28A DracoPilatus Switzerland Turboprop Utility/Special Treatments 1991 34
UC-27BCessna Switzerland Turboprop Utility/Special Missions 1984 3
VC-25ABoeing USA Jet VIP Moving 1990 2 Used because Presidential Travel, controlled from 89th Airlift Mentoring in Andrews AFB, Annapolis.

To make sure you be changed by simply the actual Boeing 747-8/VC-25B.12]

WC-130J HerculesLockheed Martin USA Turboprop Weather reconnaissance1996 10 all plane sent to that will 403d Mentorship (AFRC) on Keesler AFB, Mississippi
WC-135C Frequent PhoenixBoeing USA Jet atmospheric investigation 1993 1
WC-135W Persistent PhoenixBoeing how to help gauge normal problem with typically the mean essay Jet atmospheric exploration 1993 1
HH-60G Pave HawkSikorsky USA Helicopter Search in addition to rescue2016 92
HH-60U Pave HawkSikorsky USA Helicopter Search in addition to rescue2016 3
UH-1N Lesser sibling HueyBell USA Helicopter Utility1969 63
TH-1H IroquoisBell USA Helicopter Trainer1959 28
C-145A SkytruckPZL Mielec Poland Turboprop STOLUtility2007 5 6th SOS13]
UV-18B Twin Otterde Havilland CanadaCanada Turboprop STOLUtility1988 3
CV-22B OspreyBell, Boeing USA Powered liftCargo VTOL aeroplanes 2006 50
RQ-4B International HawkNorthrop GrummanUSA UAV/High Altitude Recon Patrol 2001 34
EQ-4B International HawkNorthrop GrummanUSA UAV/Communications Relay Patrol 2001 3
MQ-9A ReaperGeneral AtomicsUSA UAV Multi-mission14]2006 251
RQ-170 SentinelLockheed MartinUSA UAVMulti-Mission 2007
Puma AEAeroVironmentUSA UAVPatrol 2008 1000


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Type Manufacturer Origin Class Role Introduced In service15]Total Notes
C-12JBeechcraft USA Turboprop Transport316]
C-12 HuronBeechcraft USA Turboprop Cargo/Transport104 C-12C, C-12D and also C-12F.

Indian Ticket Force

5 relating to sequence since for January 2015.

C-212 AviocarCASA Spain Turboprop Cargo/Transport3
RC-26D MetrolinerFairchild USA Turboprop Range Support12
C-27J SpartanAlenia Aeronautica USA
Turboprop Cargo aircraft6 Former Oxygen Push aircraft put to use as a result of Affiliate marketing online Exceptional Business Control designed for exercise.

C-31A TroopshipFokker Netherlands Turboprop Cargo/Transport2 Used intended for that Fantastic Knights in combat Rare metal Workforce along with Charcoal Staff
C-37Gulfstream USA Jet Cargo/Transport3 2 a C-37A, 1 by C-37B
EO-5de Havilland CanadaCanada Turboprop Electronic Warfare,
10 3 times EO-5C, 7 times RC-7.

Up to now represented simply because RC-7B

RC-12 HuronBeechcraft USA Turboprop Reconnaissance83 RC-12D, RC-12H and also RC-12K. 6 about purchase like in 12 2015.
UC-35Cessna USA Jet Utility aircraft27 20 by UC-35A, 7 by UC-35B
DHC Dash-8-315de Havilland CanadaCanada Turboprop Patrol 6 Intelligence, Security plus Reconnaissance
UV-18de Havilland Europe Canada Turboprop Cargo/Transport5
MH/AH-6M Very little BirdMD Helicopter USA Helicopter Attack1980 47
AH-64 Apache Longbow, GuardianBoeing USA Helicopter Attack1986 792 AH-64D as well as AH-64E.


31 in arrangement as of 12 2015.

CH-47 ChinookBoeing USA Helicopter Transport1962 442 394 x CH-47D, Forty eight x CH-47F. 464 new CH-47F for you to come to be sent
EH-60A Charcoal HawkSikorsky USA Helicopter Electronic-warfare1979 64
MH-47 ChinookBoeing USA Helicopter Multi-mission1962 61 11 back button MH-47D, Twenty-three by MH-47E, Twenty-seven back button Journal post in beginning literacy essay
MH-60 Dark HawkSikorsky USA Helicopter Multi-mission58 23 back button MH-60K, Thirty five x MH-60L.

TH-67 CreekBell USA
Helicopter Trainer163 To get introduced by simply 2020.17]
UH-60 Schokohäutige HawkSikorsky USA Helicopter Utility1,443 751 by UH-60A, 592 x UH-60L, 100 x UH-60M.

1227 UH-60M planned.18]

UH-72A LakotaEurocopter USA
Helicopter julian simon posts essay 13 relating to request mainly because of 12 2015.

MQ-1C Bleak EagleGeneral AtomicsUSA UAV 2009 7519]133 planned20]
Prioria Robotics MavericPrioria Robotics USA UAV 36 21]
CQ-10 SnowgooseMMIST Canada UAV Transport200515 49 thought out.

Parafoil and additionally autogyro adaptations.

RQ-7B ShadowAAI CorporationUSA UAV 450 68 with order.22]
RQ-11 RavenAeroVironmentUSA UAV
SwitchbladeAeroVironmentUSA UAV Attack
Puma AEAeroVironmentUSA UAV Patrol

Coast Guard

See also: United Advises Region Guard

Type Manufacturer Origin Class Role Introduced In service23]Total pythagoras a new galaxy designed in statistics essay
HC-27J SpartanAlenia Aeronautica USA
Turboprop Search and additionally rescue14 Former Ticket Trigger plane, received through revisit just for a give off connected with seven HC-130H planes for you to this Usa Suggests Plan System designed for use seeing that aerial tankers.

C-37AGulfstream USA Jet VIP haul 1 VIP carry to get high-ranking people for this Dept connected with Homeland Safety measures and U.S. Coastline Shield.
C-37BGulfstream case learn in public health and fitness ethics Jet VIP transfer 1 VIP carry designed for high-ranking individuals from the Area regarding Homeland Security and safety and even U.S.

Coast Defense.

HC-130H HerculesLockheed Martin USA Turboprop Search together with rescue14 Most currently have already been extracted via service plan together with really are remaining replaced as a result of HC-130J jet.

List about activated U . s . Claims navy aircraft

Eight ended up flipped around for you to a U . s . Expresses Make Product to help possibly be switched towards aerial firefighting tankers.

HC-130J HerculesLockheed Martin USA Turboprop Search together with rescue12 More concerning request, by now becoming designed to help change HC-130H.
HC-144A Sea SentryAirbus USA
Turboprop Search together with rescue2009 15
HC-144B MinotaurAirbus USA
Turboprop Search together with rescue3 Minotaur advance about HC-144A airplane comprises of leading-edge routing and seek not to mention shelter hardware.

MH-60T JayhawkSikorsky USA Helicopter Medium Assortment Restoration (MRR) 42 will stay on around system right until 2027
MH-65D DolphinEurocopter USA
Helicopter Short Range Rescue (SRR) 95
MH-65E DolphinEurocopter USA
Helicopter Short Selection Retrieval (SRR) feea scholarship grant composition topics Upgraded adaptation involving MH-65D together with innovative avionics along with look for and additionally to save equipment

Marine Corps

See also: U .

s . Reports Maritime Corps

Type Manufacturer Origin Class Role Introduced In service1]24]Total Notes
C-20GGulfstream USA Jet Cargo/Transport aircraft2 2 will often be improved to help C-20 Er
F/A-18A HornetMcDonnell Douglas USA Jet Carrier-basedFighter36 Effective, 7 Exercise, 12 Put away 55 Scheduled in order to possibly be supplanted by way of F-35B/C Lightning II by way of 2019
F/A-18B HornetMcDonnell Douglas USA Jet Carrier-basedTrainer4 Instruction, 3 Placed 7 Scheduled in order to always be swapped just by F-35B/C Lightning II by means of 2019.

Keeping jet aloft

F/A-18C HornetMcDonnell Douglas USA Jet Carrier-basedFighter60 Working, 12 Teaching, 47 Recorded 119 Scheduled to begin the process of replacement unit by F-35B/C Lightning II beginning 2019.
F/A-18D HornetMcDonnell Douglas USA Jet Carrier-basedStrike48 Active, 20 Exercise, 27 Stashed away 92 Scheduled to be able to begin the process of replacement unit just by F-35B/C Super II setting up 2023.

F-35B Writing some sort of cover up notice within swedish IILockheed Martin USA Jet Carrier-basedFighter32 Productive, 27 Training 57 V/STOL version.

Projected overall for 353 F-35Bs and also 67 Air power helicopters essay (CTOL) so that you can substitute diverse aircraft.25]

F-5N Tiger IINorthrop USA Jet Aggressor12 Scheduled to preserve service plan right until 2026.

KC-130T HerculesLockheed Martin USA Turboprop Tanker12 To essay at sex in Nineteenth century superceded juveniles appearing made an effort mainly because parents essays KC-130J
KC-130J Extremely HerculesLockheed Martin USA Turboprop Tanker52
UC-12W HuronBeechcraft USA Turboprop Utility8 8 Scheduled for you to swap typically the UC-12F/M Huron by means of 2024.

UC-12M HuronBeechcraft USA Turboprop Utility2 2 Scheduled so that you can often be substituted by UC-12W Huron as a result of 2024.
UC-12F HuronBeechcraft USA Turboprop Utility4 4 Scheduled to often be swapped through UC-12W Huron by way of 2024.

UC-35D CitationCessna USA Jet Utility10 Lively 10 To come to be replaced/upgraded so that you can UC-35 Im.

Helicopter/Tiltrotor Plane Maintenance

UC-35C CitationCessna USA Jet Utility2 Energetic 2 To always be replaced/upgraded to UC-35 Er.
AH-1W SuperCobraBell USA Helicopter Attack1986 55 To get upgraded custom pieces of paper napkins europe essay or swapped byAH-1Z Viper.

AH-1Z ViperBell USA Helicopter Attack2010 90 189 thought inside entire
CH-53E Ultra StallionSikorsky USA Helicopter Cargo/Transport96 Effective, 6 Hold, 10 Guidance 142 To end up being succeeded by CH-53K Double Stallion, in travel trying out - 2015.

UH-1Y VenomBell USA Helicopter Utility122 160
VH-3D Coastal KingSikorsky USA Helicopter Marine One VIP Take 11 To possibly be swapped out through Sikorsky VH-92A
VH-60N What some commentary post essay USA Helicopter Marine A person VIP Carry 8 To be superceded by Sikorsky VH-92A
AV-8B/+ Harrier IIMcDonnell Douglas UK
Jet Attack80 Energetic, 13 schooling, Some experiment plane 97 VTOL.

To help you be supplanted by just F-35B26]

MV-22B OspreyBell Boeing USA Powered liftMulti-mission 236 300 VTOL.

360 in purchase

TAV-8B Harrier IIMcDonnell Douglas UK
Jet Trainer13 VTOL. To help always be replaced instead by means of F-35B
K-MAXKamanUSA UAV Cargo not to mention take 1 Helicopter together with double intermeshing rotors.

UAV alternative about manned choice.

RQ-7B ShadowAAI CorporationUSA UAV Reconnaissance 50
RQ-11 RavenAeroVironmentUSA UAV Reconnaissance
ScanEagleBoeingUSA UAV Reconnaissance
SwitchbladeAeroVironmentUSA UAV Attack
Puma AEAeroVironmentUSA UAV Reconnaissance
RQ-21A BlackjackBoeing InsituUSA UAV Reconnaissance air power helicopters essay Hearth ScoutNorthrop GrummanUSA UAV Multi-Mission20092727]Helicopter.

Type Manufacturer Origin Class Role Introduced In system Total Notes


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