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Biology prefixes and suffixes essay

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Students intending pertaining to your biology olympiad need to often be confident enough to help identify the word portions since these frequently supply any vision while so that you can typically the that means from a new word of mouth. Knowledge vocabulary will be mainly structured about your Latin and additionally Artistic dialects.

Hence, Biolympiads.com released a fabulous catalog with that almost all widespread expression regions which tend to be frequent within biology.

a- an- not, without, lacking, deficientapetalous, atypical
ab- away right from, released fromabaxial epidermis
acou- acous- hearacoustic
-aceous of and relevant toproteinaceous
ad- to, towardadaxial dermis, adhere
aden- glandadenohypothesis
adip- fatadipocytes
aero- airaerophile
agglutin/o clumping; adhering togetheraggliutination
agri- resume intent for the purpose of airline ticket attendant by using zero experience, soilAgrobacterium
aig- -algia painneuralgia
alb- ezarticlelink content generator essay painneuralgia
alto- highaltitude
ambi- bothambivalence
ameb- change, alternationameboid
amni- fetal membraneamnion
amphi- ampho- bothamphibolic, amphipathic, amphibians
amyl- starchamylopectin
ana- away, up, backside, againanabolism
an- withoutanhydrous
andro- maleandroecium, androgen
anemo- windanemophily
ang- choke, look and feel painangina
angi- blood, ship, ductangiogenesis, angiotensin
ante-ahead connected with point in time, beforeanterior
anter- frontanterograde
antho- flowerantophytes
anti- against, oppositeantitoxin, antibody
antrhopo- man, humananthropology
apo- ap- away with, out and about fromapoplexy, apocarp
aqu- wateraquaporin
archaeo- arche- primitive, ancientarcheology
arteri- arteryarteriole
arthr- jointarthropod
aster- astr starAsteroidea
-ase enzymeamylase
atmo- vaporatmosphere
audi- hearaudible
aur- earauricle
auto- selfautoimmune
avi- bird, flyingavian
bacter- bactr- bacterium, stick,bactericidal
baro- pressurebarophile, barometer
bi- twobiradial
bi- bio- (Greek) lifestyle, livingabiotic, biotic
-blast- sprout, jenny holzer inflammatory works fontbonne, budblastula, erythroblast
brachi- armtriceps brachii
brachy- shortbrachycardia
brady- account wedding planners essay finBranchiostoma
bronch- windpipebronchioles
but- having Four carbonsbutane
calor- heatcalorimeter
capit- headdecapitate
carcin- cancercarcinogeneic
cardi- heartcardiomyocyte
carn- meat, fleshcarnivore
carp- fruitpericarp
carpal- wristmetacarpal
cata- splitting downcatabolism
caud- tailcaudal
centi- hundredthcentipedes
centr- centercentral
cephal- headcephalic
cerebr- braincerebrospinal
cervic- neckcervical vertebrae
cheli- biology prefixes and suffixes essay claw, pincerchelicerate
chem- dealing by using chemicalschemotherapy, chemotaxis
chir- handChiroptera
chlor- greenchlorophyll
chondr- cartilagechondrocyte
chrom- -chrome chrome colorchromosome
chron- timeheterochrony
-chym chym juicechyme
cide to destroy, your killerbacteriocidal
circa- circum- around, aboutcircumvallate
co- withcooperativity
coel- -coelomcavity, room or space w/in bodyacoelomates
coll- gluecolligative
coni- coneconifer
contra- againstcontralateral
corp- bodycorpuscle
cort- cortic- outer layercortex
cotyl- cupcotyledon
counter- againstcounterattack
crani- skullextracranial
crypt- concealed, coveredcryptic coloration
-cul- -cule small, diminutivemolecule
cuti- skinpulmocutaneous
cyan- bluecynobacteria
cyt- cyto- -cyte, cyto- -cyte cellular, hollowed out containercytoplasm
-cyst- saccyst- sac, sack, bladderoocyst
-cycle ring, circlepericycle
dactyl- fingerpolydactylyl
de- out through, downdegradation
deca- tendecapod
deci- tenthdecimeter
demi- halfdemineralisation
dendr- treedendrochronology
dent- toothperiodontitis
derm- skinepidermis
di- bi- du- duo- dipl- two, doublebiramaous
dia- (Greek) throughdiapedesis
digit- children's finger, toedigital artery
diplo- twodiploblastic
dis- besides, outdisequilibrium
dorm- sleepdormancy
dors- backdorsal
dynam- powerdynamometer
dys- terrible, excessive, difficultdyspepsia
ec- away for, gone fromectopic
echin- echino- spiny, pricklyechinoderm
eco- houseecology
ecto- outdoor ofectoparasite
-emia emia bloodanemia
en- em- endo- ent- in, in to, within, insideembolism, endoskeleton
encephal- brainencephalitis
ennea- novem- nine
enter- entero- intestine, gutenterokinase
entom- insectsentomology
-elle elle smallmicelle
epi- in, over, overepiglottis
erythro- rederythrocyte, phycoerythrin
equi- biology prefixes and even suffixes essay using A pair of carbonsethylene
eu- accurate, authentic, perfectly, good, valid, normaleumetazoans
eury- wideneuryhaline
ex- exo- out for, separate fromexothermic
extra- past, outsideextraembryonic
ferro- ironferritin
-fer-bear, bear, transportafferent, efferent, transferin
fibr- fiberfiber, threadfibrinogen
fiss- -fid divided directly into, splitfission
flor- flowerflorigen
flu-,fluct-flux flowinflux, eflux
foli- leaf
fore- beforeforebrain
fract- breakfracture
gam- marriagegamete
gastro- gastr- stomachpneumogastric, gastrin
gen- beginninggenetics, glycogen
geo earth, landgeotaxis
gloss- tonguehypoglossal
gluc- glyc- sweet, sugarglycosuria
glut- buttockgluteus
glyco- glucoseglycogen
-gnath- jawgnathostoma
-gnosis gnosis practical knowledge, for you to knowdiagnosis
graph to write, for you to drawelectroencephalography
grav- heavy
gymno- unclothed, baregymnosperm
gyn- -gynous femalegynoecium
gyr- wedding band, round, spiralgyrus
halo- salthalophile
hapl- haplo- simplehaploid
cent- essay related to typically the us civil war 100
hector- hundred
-helminth helminth wormanthelminthic
hem- heme- -hemo bloodhemorrhage
hemi- halfhemichordate
hepar- hepat- liverhepatitis
hepta- septem- septi- seven
herb- sod, plantsherbicide, herbivore
herp- snakes, reptileherpetology
hetero- several, otherheterozygous
hex- hexa- six
hidr- sweathidrosis
hist- tissuehistology
holo- whole, wholeholoblastic
homo- male, person's (Latin)Homo sapiens
homo- same, alikehomozygous
hort- gardenhorticulture
hydr- waterhydrolytic
hygr- articles concerning budgetary reliability essay soaked, wethygrophile
hyper- earlier, above, overhypersecretion
hyph- weaving, biology prefixes as well as suffixes essay down the page, underneath, lesshyposecretion, hypocotyl
hyster- tummy, uterushysterectomy
-iasis iasis sickness, unusually high conditionatelectasis
ichthy- fishosteichthyes
ign- fireignite
in- il- im- ir- not, when it comes to, intoinflux
-itis itis inflammationappendicitis
infra- here, beneathinfrared
inter- betweenintercostal
intra- insideintrathoracic
iso- match, sameisovolumetric
ir- notirregular
kata- cata- downcatabolism
karyo- nucleuskaryokinesis
kel- unknown growth, swelling
kerat- hornkeratin
kilo- thousandkilogram
kine- kin- movekinetic, motivation theme report tearlachrymal gland
lact- milklactase, prolactin
lat- sideipsilateral
leuc- leuk- white, dazzling, biology prefixes and also suffixes essay woodlignin
lingu- tonguelingual
lip- fatlipophobic
lith- -lite stone, petrifyingcholecystolithiasis
loc- placelocus
logos, logy studybiology
lumen- lightchemolumenescence
luna articles around racism essay, -lysis break aparthemolysis
lymph- lympho- lymphlymphocyte
macr- macro- largemacrophage, macrocephaly
mal- badmalabsorption
malac- softosteomalacia
malle- hammermalleus
mamm- breastmammary gland
marg- border, edgemarginal
mast- breastmastocyte
med- middle
meg- million dollars, greatmegagametophyte
-mer mer partmetamer
mela- melan- black, darkmelanoma, melena
mes- midsection, 50 %, intermediatemesencephalon
meso- middlemesolimbic
met- meta- between, on, aftermetanephridia
meter meter (unit) centimeter
meth- having 1 carbonmethyl
micro- small to medium sized, millionthmicroorganism
mid- middlemidbrain
milli- thousandthmillimeter
min- small
mis- bad, incorrect
mit, mis- sendneurotransmitter
mito- threadmitosis
mole- massmolecule
mono- 1 singlemonocyte, monosaccharide
morph- develop, bodymorphology
mort- safety situation analyze examples deathpostmortem
mot- movemotile
multi- manymultilobed
mut- muta- changemutagen
my- myo- musclemyosin, myoglobin
myc- fungusmycosis
mycel- threadlikemycelium
myco- fungusmycology
myriad- manymyriapoda
nas- nosenasal
necro- deadnecrosis
nemat- threadnematode
neo- biology prefixes and additionally suffixes essay latest, recentneocortex
neprho- kidneynephritis
neuro- nerveneurilemma
noct- nov- nightnoctural
non- not
nuc- centernucleoplasma
ob- againstobstruction
oct- eightoctopus
ocul- eyeocular
odont- teethodontology
-oid oid equivalent tolymphoid, ameboid
olf- smellolfaction
-ole ole smallbronchiole
oligo- few, littleoligosaccharide
omni- allomnivore
-oma swelling, tumorsarcoma
onc- mass fast, growth, blukoncosphere, oncotic pressure
onco- canceroncology
oo- ovul- ova- eggoocyst
ophthalm- eyeophtalmology
opt- eyeoptic
orb- radius, game, ringorbital
ornith- birdornithology
orth- churches which will settle for homosexuality essay straight, accurate, rightOrthoptera
oscu- mouthosculum
os- oste- osteo- boneosteology, osteocyte
oto- earotitis
ov- eggoviduct, ovipositor
oxy- sharp, plaque created by sugar, oxygenanoxygenic
proto- primary, primaryprotoxylem, protonephridia
pachy- thickpachytena
paleo- older, ancientpaleontology
palm- wide, flatpalmate
pan- allpandemic
par- para- beside, close, similar, alongsideparathyroid, parapodia
partheno- virginparthenogenesis
path- -pathydiseasepathology
ped- footpedipalp
pent- fivepentameric
peri- aroundpericardium
permea- excrete, gopermeable
phago- eatphagocyte
-philia, -phil-love, friendshipbasophil, eosinophil
-phobia fear, severe dislikehydrophobic
phon- -phone soundphonology
photo- lightphotoreceptor
-phore, pher- bear, carrychromatophore, electrophoresis
phren- your head, diaphragmphrenic nerve
phyco- seaweed, algaephycobilin
phyl- associated groupphylogeny
-phyll phyll leafphyllotaxy
physic- mother nature, all natural qualitiesphysiology
phyto- phyte plantphytohormone
pinni- knowing now there family essay featherpinnate
pino- drinkpinocytosis
plasm- -plast- form, made intoplasmolema
platy- flatPlatyhelminthes
pleur- lung, rib, sidepleura
pneumo- lungs, airpneumonia
-pnea pnea breathingdyspnea
poly- numerous, a lot of polygon, polyesterpolysaccharide
pom- fruitpome
por- openingpore
port- carryuniporter, antiporter
post- following, behindpostganglionic
pre- ahead of, onward with timeproenzyme
pri- firstprimitive, primordia
pro- proto- first, f scott fitzgerald quotes superb gatsby essay together with 3 carbonspropane
proprio- one’s personally own proprioceptors
pseudo- falsepseudoped
psycho-mind, mentalpsychology
pter- possessing wings and finsaptera
pulmo- lungpulmonary
pyr- high temperature, firepyrogen
quadr- fourquadriplegic
quin- five
radi- rayradial
re- for a second time, backre-absorption
ren- kidneyadrenal
ret- world-wide-web, constructed enjoy some netreticular fibers
retro- lower back, backwardretrograde
rhag- -rrhage burst forthhemorrhage
rhe- -rrhea flowdiarrhea, rheotaxis
rhino- noserhinoceros
rhiz- root, rootlikerhizoid
rhodo- redrhodophyte
roto- wheelrotifera
rupt- to help you breakrupture
sacchar- sugardisaccharide
sapr- rottensaprotroph
sarc- real world, musclesarcoplasm
saur- lizard lizard ichthyosaurian
schis- schiz- split, divideschizogony
scler- hardsclereid
scriptto write
semi- 1 / 2, partlysemilunar
sept- partition, sevensepta
sess- sitsessile
sex- six
sol- helio- sunheliotropism
som- somat- -some bodysomatic cell
somn- sleepinsomnia
son- soundsonolocation
spec- spic- look atinspection
spermat- -sperm seedspermatophore
spir- -spire breathespiracles
stat- -stasis standing, located, stayinghemostasis
stell- starsstellar
sten- narrowstenosis
stereo- solid, 3-dimensionalsteroisomer
steato-stea- fatsteatorrhea
stoma- -stome mouth, openingprotostome
styl- pillarstylus
sub- under, belowsubcellular, sublingual
supra- super- sur- over, in this article, relating to topsuprarenal
sym- syn- together, withsymporter
tachy- quick, swifttachycardia
tarso- ankletarsal
tax- arrange, fit within ordertaxis
tel- tele- distanttelencephalon, telson
telo- endtelophase
terr- earth, landterrestrial
tetra- quadri- quart-4tetrapods
thall- young shootthallus
therm- heatthermophilic
thrombo- clot, coagulationthrombosis
-tom- -tomy cut, slicetonsillectomy
top- placetopology
toxi- toxo- poisontoxin
trache- windpipetracheids
trans- across, throughtransstadial
tri- three
trich- hairtrichomes
troph- feedautotrophic
-tropic, tropism turningphototropic
turb- whirlturbine
ultra- beyondultrafiltration
-ule ule smallsaccule
un- notuncover
uni- one, singleuniport
ur- -uria urineglycosuria
-ura tailAnura
vas- vesselvasodilation
vect- carryvector
ven- vent- comeventrolateral
ventr- belly, undersideventral
vig- strongvigorous
vit- viv- lifeviviparous
volv- roll, wanderVolvox
-vor- devour, eatcarnivorous
xanth- biology prefixes not to mention suffixes essay dryxerophyte
xyl- woodxylem
-zoite (-zoon) animaltrophozoite
zoo- zo- -zoan animalzoonotic
zyg- joined togetherzygote